Global HR Lead Partners LLP

Building organizations to scale for growth and expansion.

    Organizations need vision and strategy for growth and expansion. But once these are spelt out, there is need to work out the appropriate ‘People Architecture‘. We leverage our experience of having led Human resources of multinational organizations to help clients align their people architecture to their vision & business strategies which help      them execute their strategies and achieve results.

    Outcomes for clients :

    1. People architecture aligned to business strategy
    2. Culture that enables and sustains desired business performance.
    3. Organization capabilities

                     Workforce productivity enables non linear growth


Facilitating global footprint expansion

    Organizations, when expanding in new markets, organically or inorganically, face challenges of establishing a ‘New Culture’          appropriate for market it enters and its integration with the rest of the organization. We work with organizations in building desired cultures in either scenarios, that supports business performance. HRLP consultants have deep practical experience of running operations in India and USA. HRLP is uniquely qualified to support the US organizations that have interest in establishing new operations in India as well as the Indian organizations that want to establish operations in North America

    Outcomes for clients :

    1. Creation of desired Culture
    2. Integration of cultures in merger & acquisitions scenario

                          Self managed work teams embed Global best practices.    


Leadership Effectiveness

    We work with leaders on enhancing their effectiveness for business outcomes. We enable leaders to take on challenges and perform effectively in their business context. Bringing our experience of assessing and developing leaders in organizations, we prepare them for complex business scenarios and/or larger leadership roles.

    Outcomes for clients :

    1. Defined leadership needs of business
    2. Interventions :coaching, mentoring, team-buildings
    3. Talent Management frameworks & succession plans
    4. Assessment of leaders & teams for readiness to contribute to business goals
    5. Frameworks for measuring effectiveness post interventions on an on-going basis
    6. Systems, processes and cultural changes
      1. Find, win, keep, groom and grow the leadership pipeline.



    HR Lead Partners is focused on developing the strengths of organisation leaders. The goals could lie in any arena: from making strategic business plans to becoming an inspiring leader to building an effective network to managing multiple pressures holistically. We develop organization leaders and help them achieve goals and realize their true potential.

    Outcomes for clients :

    1. Successful executives effective in their role.
    2. Executives with enhanced potential to take on future responsibilities

    Business coaching for Executive Presence.


Change Management Consulting Support

    Change is a constant requirement and how to lead it successfully has become a coveted executive skill for organizational leaders. In VUCA world of today, leaders are constantly expected to co-create the future and manage successfully significant transformations. With a wealth of international experience, our team is uniquely placed to maximize the promised benefits of Organizational change across geographies and cultures.

    Outcomes for clients :

    1. Well defined Change management approach
    2. Implementation of changes
    3. Continuing support

    Premium returns on talent deployed


Enhancing Organization Performance

    Effective organizational performance is a function of defining and executing a business strategy that is best suited to achieve organizational goals and drive shareholder value. 
    Global HR Lead Partners constitutes of partners and associates who have more than 250 years of experience working on enhancing organizational effectiveness in Indian and Global multinationals across geographies in the globe. 

                 Productivity linked performance management


Organization Culture Development

    Organization culture development is to help develop culture that is appropriate to business vision and strategy. This could be for business as a whole or for dealing with specific business challenges which may involve one /two departments within the organization. This involves building the appropriate organization eco-system comprising of right organization culture, leadership style, organization structure & capability and human resource strategies to ensure that the right capabilities are well aligned to achieving the business results. HRLP has the necessary experience and expertise to implement solutions in active partnership with your team to institutionalize them.

    Outcomes for clients.

    1. Plan of action to build ‘desired culture ‘
    2. Leadership style required for the ‘ desired culture ‘
    3. Plan of action on monitoring and measuring success.
    4. Plan of action to review people practices to ensure alignment to desired results .

    Acculturation of Value Based Work Ethic